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Closing date: Monday, March 19th, 2018, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotocat. no.Estimate € 
LotPhotoWUERTTEMBERGcat. no.Estimate € 
416Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. red lilac, field 5, green fan cancel "STUTTGART", large margins all around, superb, photo certificates Thoma and Eichele, Michel (5000.-)42b 1.700,00Bid
433VorschaubildNice old part of a collection Wuerttemberg till 1880, condition condition varies with many superb items, inspect!, Michel (2009) 11500.- 1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoPRIVATE POST GREIZcat. no.Estimate € 
451Vorschaubild1889, lot of 8 sheet (100) by special delivery parcel traffic Oskar Hopf: Michel no. 4a, b, 5 (2x), 6, 7a (2x) and 7b, sheet Michel no. 5 once 2 stamps and once 3 stamps out separeted otherwise complete with respectively without margin of sheet, partly separated, very fine / superb, Michel 10750.-A 4-7 (*), *1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH GERMANIAcat. no.Estimate € 
603Vorschaubild1902, 5 M. green black / dark carmine, perforated B, unwatermarked, small on the back rubbed spot otherwise having bright colors superb item, photo expertize Jäschke, Michel 6000.-81Bb 1.600,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH 1924 1932cat. no.Estimate € 
766Vorschaubild1928, 5 Pf. "help in need", watermark upright, slight, seeming manufactured trace of crease otherwise very fine MNH, RR!, unsigned, photo expertize H. D. Schlegel, Michel 8000.-425X **2.000,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH 1933 1945cat. no.Estimate € 
860Vorschaubild1933, souvenir sheet "help in need", original size, mint never hinged, superb, unsigned, photo expertize H. D. Schlegel: "the quality is perfect. ", Michel (6000.-)Bl. 2 **2.200,00Bid
LotPhotoZEPPELIN MAILcat. no.Estimate € 
1226Vorschaubild1909, "airship Signal postal service Z III", 1. Trip period, 2. trial flight with 3 Motors over One cell on barograph curve with Signalposttempel and signatur captain Hacker, superb, R!   2.200,00Bid
1228Vorschaubild3. 9. 1911, "airship Swabia", trip of the Landau landing trip with Bavarian franking and landing place stamp, superb RRR!, only 3 examples known!, superb, (Michel no. 10Gb), Sieger € 6000.-2II 2.200,00Bid
1260Vorschaubild3. 11. 1919, "airship Lake Constance", postmark "Castle stable / Krs. Wolmirstedt" of the forced landing at the 3. November 1919, superb postcard, RRR! Sieger € 9000.-19F 3.500,00Bid
1269Vorschaubild1929, "1. Switzerland flight", droped "GOSSAU", seeming through droped conditional traces of usage otherwise superb cover, only 12 examples known!, RRR!, photo expertize Dr. simon35m 1.800,00Bid
1504VorschaubildSan Marino: 1933, "Italy flight" with complete set Zeppelin stamp and special cancel "CITTA", forwards from Frankfurt on 2. South America flight till Rio of the Janeiro to the United States, R!, superb209IG 2.200,00Bid
1691Vorschaubild1924, air mail letter to the Banco Mittel in Bogota / Columbia with 6x 10 C. "SCADTA" handstamp stamps, tied by red Barranquila postmarks from 5. II 1924, superb cover  1.700,00Bid
1778Vorschaubild7. 6. 1875, 25 Pfe. Reddish brown in the horizontal pair on cover from "BORUSSA" over odessa to Lyon, on the back stamp of the Forwarded agent "D. Lebet & File Victor", in spite of small faults of the stamps a very decorative rare document! (only 3 those frankings recorded! )V 35a    1.700,00Bid
LotPhotoCAMEROON FORERUNNERcat. no.Estimate € 
1879Vorschaubild1887, 2 M. medium rose lilac, stamp "Cameroon 4. 1. 89", above a few shorter perforation otherwise having bright colors superb item, photo expertize Jäschke-L. : "pieces of evidence the Michel no. V 37 from January 1889 with year date are very rare, the smaller restrictions with E. Therefore without larger meaning. ", handbook 15. 000.-!V 37c 2.900,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW RUSSIA LJADYcat. no.Estimate € 
2461Vorschaubild1941, 60 Kop. on 1 Pf. black, overprint black violet, right margin copy, superb, RR!, photo expertize Zirath, Michel (6000.-)1b 1.600,00Bid
2475Vorschaubild1936 / 7, legion Condor: documentation with 16 covers and 17 letter contents of an Air Force member the unit "Beekeeper Horch", of the listing in Berlin till to the use by Salamanca, superb condition, RR! 2.250,00Bid
LotPhotoBERLIN AND BRANDENBURGcat. no.Estimate € 
2737Vorschaubild1945, 6 Pf. bright gray violet, perforated, light chrome yellow paper, smooth gum, in the complete sheet (100) with various plate flaws, diagonally herstellungbedingter Kalendarbug, superb, RR!, Michel 20. 000.-2Awbx **4.500,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE MECKLENBURG-VP.cat. no.Estimate € 
2799Vorschaubild1946, 3 - 12 Pf. "farewell series", 1. printing, 7 values in the sheet set (100), at the 3 Pf. stamp gum having mould stains and at the 8 and 10 Pf. stamp always 2 values defects, otherwise all in superb condition, RR!, Michel 15. 000.- (regardless of of the numerous plate flaw and printers mark and so on. )29-36x **3.900,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE COUNTRY SAXONYcat. no.Estimate € 
2940Vorschaubild1946, "land reform on cigarette paper", large sheet collection of more than 200 complete sheet in watermark 2W and 2X as well 9 sheet in watermark 2Y and 2Z!, interesting lot for the specialists!90/1 **1.500,00Bid
2942VorschaubildSpecial collection "land reform on cigarette paper", two volumes interesting research collection, very abundant to plate flaws and fields collected, as well over 140 covers as well numerous special feature, a recommended object for the specialists!90/1   , *1.900,00Bid
LotPhotoSTAMP BOOKLETScat. no.Estimate € 
3569Vorschaubild1960, stamp booklet "Heuss fluorescent", first issue, with lying green "L" above of the lower perforation row, very fine MNH, RR!, photo expertize D. Schlegel, Michel 12. 000.-MH 6caII **4.500,00Bid
3591Vorschaubild1956-2000, extensive, good assorted dealers stock stamp booklet (from stamp booklet 3-40), with many rarely booklets, so is amongst other things the test booklets stamp booklet 6a eight times available (all signed H. D. Schlegel), in total 697 stamp booklet, interesting concern object in superb condition, a listing the booklets exist, Michel (approve calculated, without count bars and special feature) 11. 900.-MH **1.900,00Bid
LotPhotoOLD SWITZERLAND ZURICHcat. no.Estimate € 
5060Vorschaubild1843, 4 Rp. black / dark brownish red, lines background vertical, type I, with red rosette on large piece with additional cancellations, left upper corner corrected otherwise with enormous margins having bright colors decorative superb in every respect piece of letter, photo expertize Eichele, Michel (14. 000.-)1I 3.500,00Bid
5061Vorschaubild1843, 4 Rp. black / dark brownish red, lines background horizontal, type I, black rosette (50% extra charge!), photo expertize Rellstab: ". . . Full- to very large margins, slightly and neat cancelled. In the right margin at the bottom small repair and in the lower part horizontal trace of crease. "1II 4.500,00Bid
LotPhotoJAPANcat. no.Estimate € 
5510Vorschaubild1908, "empress Jingu", rest of hinge, 2 having bright colors superb items, R!, Michel 4200.-97/8 *1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoCANADA NEWFOUNDLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
5547Vorschaubild1860, 1 Sh. orange (SG. No. 15) lower right corner minimal affects otherwise having full margins superb item, RR!, Michel 11000.-9b 2.600,00Bid


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