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Closing date: Monday, January 25th, 2021, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotocat. no.Estimate € 
LotPhotoBRUNSWICKcat. no.Estimate € 
148Vorschaubild1852, 1 Sgr. Carmine, large margins all around, with pre philatelic blue green single circle postmark "VELPKE" and some reduced pen strokes on cover to Uetze, in the additional cancellation is the date handwritten inserted, superb, photo expertize Lange: "scarce depature, there are only still two stamps covers with this stamp, from same correspondence, known. Brunswick rarity"2.500,00Bid
LotPhotoSAXONYcat. no.Estimate € 
490Vorschaubild1850, 3 Pf. Red, plate III, type 17, Bavarian lines system, rectangle cancel with two lines "LEIPZIG", good to large margins all round, top right pre-separation cut outside of the stamp design, photo expertize Rismondo: "stamp slightly shaded, in perfect condition. "1a 2.000,00Bid
711Vorschaubild1851-1874, collection from 71 cancelled values, slightly mixed condition with many superb items, Michel 12.200.-  1.500,00Bid
713VorschaubildBeautiful neat Concern post with only better values of the Kreuzer period, in total 110 stamps, as well the 18 kreuzer stamp 27 time and 12 time (! ) the scarce 70 kreuzer value, almost everything expertized, respectively with photo certificates, mainly superb and choise copy condition - perfekt to close, Michel 119.000.-  15.000,00Bid
LotPhotoPRIVATE POST KIELcat. no.Estimate € 
758Vorschaubildcourier: approximate 1893-1900, extensive postal stationery collection with 71 postcards, 12 letter-cards and 7 covers, unused and used collected, as well scarce types and special feature, many of it in the M√ľller catalogue with - . indicated, apart from a few exceptions all in superb - and choise copy condition2.000,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH GERMANIAcat. no.Estimate € 
899Vorschaubild1902, 2 - 80 Pf. "Germania", unwatermarked, unperforated, all uniform with left margin, very fine set mint never hinged, R! Signed "H" (Heinze) and photo expertize Jäschke, Michel (6500.-)68-77U **1.900,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH 1933 1945cat. no.Estimate € 
1121Vorschaubild1933, souvenir sheet "help in need", original size, stamp "LORCH 28.11.33" (earliest known cancellation! ), margins partly minimal blotched and lower corners a little compressed otherwise superb, photo expertize D. SchlegelBl. 2 2.200,00Bid
1129Vorschaubild1936, 2 RM "Lilienthal", horizontal gum rippling, from the left upper corner with 5 Pf. Additional franking on properly franked registered Zeppelin cover to Canada, superb, RRR! Photo expertize H. D. Schlegel538y 2.000,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH COLLECTIONScat. no.Estimate € 
1272Vorschaubild1872-1918, almost only cancelled nice collection German Reich in the lighthouse album with mounts with numerous good values, slightly mixed condition with many superb items, inspect, Michel approximate 10.000.- 1.500,00Bid
1287Vorschaubild1933-45, clean complete cancelled collection German Reich in the safe binary album with all souvenir sheets (charity souvenir sheet expertized Peschl BPP), condition very fine / superb 2.900,00Bid
LotPhotoZEPPELIN MAILcat. no.Estimate € 
1459Vorschaubild3.9.1911, "airship Swabia", trip of the Landau landing trip with Bavarian franking and landing place stamp, superb RRR! Only 3 examples known! Superb, (Michel no. 10 Gb), winner 6000.-2II 2.200,00Bid
1504Vorschaubild1930, "fligth with landing to Geneva", Swiss post, wild droped at the 14. IX. 30 through crew member Sammt, one of 3 without prepaid postage cards with tax, superb postcard, R!87 1.500,00Bid
1648VorschaubildLiechtenstein: 1929, 1. America flight", over Friedrichshafen and New York to Nassau / Bahama Islands, superb cover, RR!27A 2.500,00Bid
1948Vorschaubild1873, three colour franking: ¬Ĺ Gr. Orange (2 x, right stamp in the size L 15), 1 Gr. Carmine and 2 ¬Ĺ Gr. Reddish brown with postmarks "CONSTANTINOPEL" on cover to France, decorative superb cover, RR! Photo expertize J√§schke L.V 18,19,21a 2.000,00Bid
2066Vorschaubild"KARIBIB", 21.5.14, "first airmail / German Southwest Africa / Karibib Windhoek", violet three-line cancel on card with 5 Pf. Green, superb, photo expertize Steuer: ". Are extremely rare and only in some few pieces have become known! "25 4.400,00Bid
LotPhotoCAMEROON FORERUNNERcat. no.Estimate € 
2070Vorschaubild1887, 2 M. Medium rose lilac, stamp "Cameroon 4.1.89", above a few shorter perforation otherwise having bright colours superb item, photo expertize J√§schke L. : "pieces of evidence of the Michel number V 37 from January 1889 with year date are very rare, the smaller restrictions with E. Therefore without larger meaning. ", handbook 15.000.-!V 37c 2.800,00Bid
2139Vorschaubild1898, 2 M. Dark red crimson with variety "large interruption the guilloche lower left", faultless superb item on linen cut with additional franking: V 37 e (small colour abrasion), V 50 d (blunted corner perforation) as well Michel number 3 I and 4 I, stamp "JALUIT 18.10.98", very scarce four colours mixed franking, probably the only one exists! Photo expertize SteuerV 37eV 1.900,00Bid
LotPhotoSAARcat. no.Estimate € 
2246Vorschaubild1920, 2 Pf. Dark blue gray (hatched background), overprint by mistake on German Reich Michel number 83 I in lieu of on Michel number 102, with overprint plate flaw: PF D "bar division vertical 3 / 4 to ¬ľ" (field 98), mint never hinged, superb, RR! Photo expertize brown, Michel (13.000.-)A1 PF D **5.000,00Bid
2247Vorschaubild1920, 2 Pf. Dark blue gray (hatched background), overprint by mistake on German Reich Michel number 83 I in lieu of on Michel number 102, with overprint plate flaw: PF M "upper sheet of the S broken" (field 60), mint never hinged, superb, RR! Photo expertize brown, Michel unknown!A1 PF M **5.000,00Bid
2281Vorschaubild1928, "paintings I", very fine set, photo expertize Ney, Michel (5500.-)128-34 1.800,00Bid
LotPhotoKLAIPEDAcat. no.Estimate € 
2421Vorschaubild1923, 15 - 60 C. "Memel country", 60 C. Right upper corner perforation little shorter, otherwise perfect very fine set, various old signs, photo expertize Dr. Petersen, Michel 7000.-234-37 1.500,00Bid
2422Vorschaubild1923, 15 - 60 C. "Memel country", normal perforation, very fine set, photo expertize Dr. Petersen, Michel 7000.-234-37 1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW ALSACEcat. no.Estimate € 
2438Vorschaubild1940, 6 Pf. Black green, inverted overprint, special cancel "STRASSBURG - a year free", superb piece of letter, RR! Photo expertize autumn, Michel (4000.-)4K 1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW RUSSIA LJADYcat. no.Estimate € 
2465Vorschaubild1941, 60 Kop. On 1 Pf. Black, overprint black violet, right margin copy, stamp "Bori", superb, RR! Photo expertize Zirath, Michel (6000.-)1b 1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. OCC. II. WW ALEXANDERSTADTcat. no.Estimate € 
2477Vorschaubild1942, 3 Rbl. On 1 Rbl. Dark blue, watermark angle pattern, superb piece of letter, expertized wild boar and photo expertize Zirath, Michel (6000.-)12X 1.800,00Bid
2478Vorschaubild1942, 5 Rbl. On 10 K. Red lilac, trace or rest of a hinge, small perforation faults otherwise having bright colours superb item this unused very rare stamp, expertized wild boar, photo expertize Zirath, Michel (9000.-)13 *2.700,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW ZARA POSTAGEcat. no.Estimate € 
2484Vorschaubild1943, 5 L. Blue-violet, type III, superb piece of letter, photo expertize Krischke: "there are only issued 40 piece", Michel 7000.-P 11III 1.700,00Bid
LotPhotoFIELDPOST STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
2488Vorschaubild1944, "army postal service 2 kg" on address label of a fieldpost small parcel with sender and recipient statements, hand-roller cancel "hamlet", good legitimate condition, detailed photo expertize M√ľller, Michel 7500.-1.800,00Bid
LotPhotoBERLIN AND BRANDENBURGcat. no.Estimate € 
2599Vorschaubild1945, 6 Pf. Bright gray violet, perforated, light chrome yellow paper, smooth gum, in the complete sheet (100) with various plate flaws, diagonally manufactured gum crease, mint never hinged, superb, RR! Michel 20.000.-2Awbx **4.200,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE MECKLENBURG-VP.cat. no.Estimate € 
2715VorschaubildExtensive lot sheet and parts of sheets Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with lots of better values: among others Michel number 18 d 20 time in the part sheet, all signed Kramp, Michel number 32 xb in the part sheet to 25 values, all signed Kramp, Michel number 33 xb Us, vertical unperforated, 66 pieces in the part sheet, Michel number 36 zb in the part sheet to 48 pieces, all signed Kramp, Michel number 37 yc ** in the complete sheets (100), each stamp signed Kramp, apart from a few exceptions is all in mint never hinged superb condition. The catalogue value by the Michel-Catalogue amounts without calculation of the numerous plate flaw, varieties, printers mark, and so on. € 140 000.-. A exact listing we send as desired gladly to. A very interesting object - to a favorable starting price - for special collector, dealer or contributor of capital **18.000,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE COUNTRY SAXONYcat. no.Estimate € 
2750Vorschaubild1945, 1 Pf. Blackish greenish blue, watermark 1 Y, on letter piece, the upper half of the stamp was to the watermark Determination soaked off and is therefore slightly washy, otherwise superb piece of letter, RR! Photo expertize Zierer, Michel (10.000.-)66Y 2.500,00Bid
2775VorschaubildSpecial collection "sheet research reconstruction", in total 123 documents, to plate flaws and field determinations collected and with large experience inscribed, very interesting object for the specialist!87-89A/B 1.500,00Bid
2780Vorschaubild1946, "land reform on cigarette paper", large mint never hinged sheet collection of more than 200 complete sheet in watermark 2 W and 2 X as well 9 sheet in watermark 2 Y and 2 Z! Interesting lot for the specialist!90/1 **1.500,00Bid
2782VorschaubildSpecial collection "land reform on cigarette paper", two volumes interesting research collection, very abundant to plate flaws and positions collected, as well over 140 covers as well numerous special feature, a recommended object for the specialist!90/1   , *1.900,00Bid
3001Vorschaubild1960, 50 Pf. Dark purple, watermark 3 Y, fabric paper, 2 x on properly franked special delivery package label from "DRESDEN N 12 f", left stamp missing corner, the right stamp is perfect! Photo expertize King: "in total is the item submitted for inspection in a very good condition. ", RRR! According to Michel are so far only 9 legitimate documents known!D 40yAY    2.500,00Bid
LotPhotoBERLIN COLLECTIONScat. no.Estimate € 
3174Vorschaubild1948-1978, complete mint never hinged collection Berlin in the safe album, red and black overprint expertized Schlegel, superb collection **1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoSTAMP BOOKLETScat. no.Estimate € 
3460Vorschaubild1960, stamp booklet "Heuss fluorescent", first issue, with printers mark "5" (only the upper half readable), mint never hinged, superb, RRR! Photo expertize D. Schlegel: "the front cover has a little at the stamp booklet pane stuck, otherwise is the quality perfect", Michel 14.000.-MH 6cb **4.500,00Bid
LotPhotoDENMARKcat. no.Estimate € 
3734Vorschaubild1852, 2 RBS "Ferslew", plate I, type 9, field 43, with wide margins on small choice copy letter, photo expertize K√łbenhavns philatelist club2I 1.600,00Bid
LotPhotoOLD SWITZERLAND ZURICHcat. no.Estimate € 
4888Vorschaubild1843, 6 Rp black / dark brownish red, lines background vertical, type 5, (field 100), with black rosette and additional cancellation "WALD" on small letter to Hagen, three sided with wide margins, left upper corner damaged otherwise superb cover, photo expertize Renggli2I 1.800,00Bid
LotPhotoOLD SWITZERLAND BASLEcat. no.Estimate € 
4890Vorschaubild1845, 2 ¬Ĺ Rp black / blue / carmine "Basel Dove", 7. Stamp of the sheet, on all sides good to wide margins, slightly tied by red dual circuit cancel from Baden, reverse slightly roughened otherwise having bright colours superb item, signed Schlesinger and photo expertize Eichele, Michel 14.000.-3.500,00Bid
LotPhotoSLG., LOTS GERMANYcat. no.Estimate € 
5406Vorschaubild1948 / 79, misdirected mailing lot Federal Republic and Berlin: 72 different documents and 7 letter pieces, as well airmail, registered mail, special delivery, postage due with many different return, consignee unknown, delivery refused postmarks, returned adhesive stamps and so on, almost only superb condition 1.900,00Bid


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