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Closing date: Monday, December 4th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotocat. no.Estimate € 
LotPhotoBAVARIAcat. no.Estimate € 
64Vorschaubild1914, 5 Pf. "Luitpold", peace printing, in the vertical pair, the lower stamp four sides unperforated, the upper three sided unperforated, with wide margins on commercial letter, cover outside of the franking in the middle folded, with single circle postmark "HARBATSHOFEN" to the cartel the credit bureaus Buergel Immenstadt. Already the normal unperforated issue is on cover extraordinarily rare. A three sided unperforated copy is by Michel up to now unknown and this combination pair on commercial letter places a major rarity dar! Expertized Infla Berlin, Helbig95iUdr,95IU 1.900,00Bid
LotPhotoHELIGOLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
221Vorschaubild1879, 5 M. "numeral of value in the oval" in the cancelled block of four, fresh colours, superb, Michel without quotation, large Heligoland rarity from the Burrus collection, photo expertize Pfenniger20A    4.900,00Bid
LotPhotoOLDENBURGcat. no.Estimate € 
252VorschaubildPostal stationery: proof 1 Gr. Prussian blue, postal stationery envelope with overprint in "lilac-rose" in lieu of "Prussian-blue", unused superb condition. According to literature were only 6 examples this proof produced, whereby it be here about the possibly only known copy act, photo certificates Berger and Stegmueller, RRR!U 2A P 3.500,00Bid
LotPhotoPRUSSIAcat. no.Estimate € 
276Vorschaubild1856, 1 Sgr. Rose, dwarf cut, with nummeral cancel "596" (HEILIGENSTADT) to Dingelstaedt as printed matter used. The letter is double used. He what previously already as printed matter used with Hanover 3 Pfe. With rectangle cancel "Hanover 23. January". In this kind a interesting and extraordinary "two countries combination", superb, photo expertize Berger6a,Han.8b 2.500,00Bid
LotPhotoWUERTTEMBERGcat. no.Estimate € 
519Vorschaubild1873, 70 Kr. Brown lilac, single circle postmark "RAVENSBURG", left with complete separator line, having bright colours extremely fine copy in deeper colour, expertized among others Pfenniger and Buehler, Michel (7000.-)42a 1.800,00Bid
LotPhotoPRIVATE POST KIELcat. no.Estimate € 
616VorschaubildCourier: approximate 1893-1900, extensive postal stationery collection with 71 postcards, 12 letter-cards and 7 covers, unused and used collected, as well scarce types and special feature, many of it in the Mueller catalogue with - . Indicated, apart from a few exceptions all in superb - and choise copy condition1.900,00Bid
622VorschaubildPackage trip: 1910, 10 Pf. Carmine red, 3 time and 50 Pf. Violet on "accompanying label for packages without cash on delivery", this documents is in the catalogues "Meier to Eissen" and "Horst Mueller" depicted, superb, RRR!C 2,4 500,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH SHIELDScat. no.Estimate € 
713Vorschaubild1872, 2 Gr. Ultramarine in the mint never hinged part sheet from 40 piece, superb in every respect (choice copy), RR!20 **1.700,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH INFLATIONcat. no.Estimate € 
848Vorschaubild1923, 1 Mrd (Billion). Blackish brown, plate printing, used within the period of validity, manufactured rough perforation, superb item of the rare colour shade, RR! Photo expertize Dr. Oechsner, Michel 9,000.-325APb 1.650,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH 1924 1932cat. no.Estimate € 
856Vorschaubild1924, "wood-pigeon" in mint never hinged block of four, very fine set, R! Photo expertize H. D. Schlegel, Michel (6000.-)344-50   **1.600,00Bid
908Vorschaubild1931, 1 and 2 RM "Polar travel" in vertical pairs from the left lower corner of the sheet, the upper stamps in each case with plate flaw "unhyphenated", very fine MNH, the lower stamps signed Buehler, the varieties are unsigned! Photo expertize Schlegel, Michel (7400.-)456/7I **1.900,00Bid
LotPhotoZEPPELIN MAILcat. no.Estimate € 
1268Vorschaubild3.9.1911, "airship Swabia", trip of the Landau landing trip with Bavarian franking and landing place cancel, superb RRR! Only 3 examples known! Superb, (Michel no. 10 Ic), winner EUR 6000.-2II 2.200,00Bid
1703Vorschaubild1873, three colour franking: ½ Gr. Orange (2 x, right stamp in the size L 15), 1 Gr. Carmine and 2 ½ Gr. Reddish brown with postmarks "CONSTANTINOPEL" on cover to France, decorative superb cover, RR! Photo expertize Jaeschke L.V 18,19,21a 1.900,00Bid
1705Vorschaubild10.2.1873, 1 Gr., 2 Gr. In a horizontal pair and 2 ½ Gr. Great breast shield on cover from "BORUSSA", on the back cancel of the Forwarded agent "D. Lebet & File Victor", over Varna Bucharest Lviv to Lyon, superb, franking unique! Photo expertize Dr. SteuerV 19,20   ,21a 2.500,00Bid
1707Vorschaubild7.6.1875, 25 Pfe. Reddish brown in a horizontal pair on cover from "BORUSSA" over odessa to Lyon, on the back cancel of the Forwarded agent "D. Lebet & File Victor", despite small defects of the stamps a very decorative rare document! (only 3 those frankings known! )V 35a    1.700,00Bid
LotPhotoSAARcat. no.Estimate € 
2133Vorschaubild1920, 2 Pf. Dark blue gray (hatched background) overprint by mistake on German Reich Michel number 83 I in lieu of Michel number 102, (field 69), mint never hinged, superb, R! Photo expertize brownA 1 **5.000,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. OCC. II. WW ALEXANDERSTADTcat. no.Estimate € 
2320Vorschaubild1942, 3 Rbl. On 1 Rbl. Dark blue, watermark angle pattern, superb piece of letter, expertized wild boar and photo expertize Zirath, Michel (6000.-)12X 1.800,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE MECKLENBURG-VP.cat. no.Estimate € 
2594VorschaubildExtensive lot sheet and parts of sheets Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with lots of better values: among others Michel number 18 d 20 time in the part sheet, all signed Kramp, Michel number 32 xb in the part sheet to 25 values, all signed Kramp, Michel number 33 xb Us, vertical unperforated, 66 pieces in the part sheet, Michel number 36 zb in the part sheet to 48 pieces, all signed Kramp, Michel number 37 yc ** in the complete sheets (100), each stamp signed Kramp, apart from a few exceptions is all in mint never hinged superb condition. The catalogue value by the Michel-Catalogue amounts without calculation of the numerous plate flaw, varieties, printers mark, and so on over 135 000.-. A exact listing we send as desired gladly to. A very interesting object - to a favorable starting price - for special collector, dealer or contributor of capital **12.000,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE EAST SAXONYcat. no.Estimate € 
2622Vorschaubild1945, 3 Pf. Brown black on black brown on light grey brown, rare triple impression in the horizontal block of ten from right margin of sheet. As well the right upper stamp in extreme rare type II (numeral of value 3 with blunt head), which only on field 70 in a part of issue occurred, mint never hinged, superb, RR! Photo expertize Stroeh, Michel - .51IIbuyDDD **1.500,00Bid
LotPhotoSOVIET ZONE COUNTRY SAXONYcat. no.Estimate € 
2634Vorschaubild1945, 1 Pf. Blackish greenish blue, watermark 1 Y, on piece, the upper half of the stamp became to the watermark Determination soaked off and is therefore slightly washy, otherwise superb piece of letter, RR! Photo expertize Zierer, Michel (10.000.-)66Y 2.500,00Bid
LotPhotoSTAMP BOOKLETScat. no.Estimate € 
3610Vorschaubild1960, stamp booklet "Heuss fluorescent", first issue, with printers mark "5" (only the upper half readable), mint never hinged, superb, RRR! Photo expertize D. Schlegel: "the front cover has a little at the stamp booklet pane stuck, otherwise is the quality perfect", Michel 14.000.-MH 6cb **3.900,00Bid
LotPhotoDENMARKcat. no.Estimate € 
3928Vorschaubild1852, 2 RBS "Ferslew", plate I, type 9, field 43, large margins all around on small choice copy letter, photo expertize Københavns philatelist club2I 1.800,00Bid
LotPhotoSLG., LOTS GERMANYcat. no.Estimate € 
5379VorschaubildNeat collector's estate "postwar Germany" in 9 safe hingeless album: Berlin used complete to 1986 (souvenir sheet 1 however only unused), Federal Republic used complete to 1988 and German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) used complete to 1983, all collections included many special feature, in addition to it 3 Leitz folder with first day sheet complete to 1996, favorable offered  1.600,00Bid


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