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Closing date: Monday, January 30th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoSLG., LOTS GERMANYcat. no.Estimate € 
5435Vorschaubild1988, 63 various maximum cards Federal Republic and Berlin in the special album of the company Krueger, superb, acquisition value at that time DM 302.- no limitBid
5436VorschaubildCollection mint never hinged stamp booklet from Federal Republic and Berlin from 1958-2000, in total 99 various booklets, a few better, among others Federal Republic MH 6 a ** expertized Schlegel! Superb collection, Michel more then 2100.- **200,00Bid
5437Vorschaubild1979-1985, 14 athletics stamp booklet Federal Republic and Berlin complete, mint never hinged, superb conditionMH **no limitBid
5438Vorschaubild1979-1991, lot of 41 stamp booklet of the German Sports Aid", superb conditionMH **no limitBid
5439Vorschaubild1945-51, interesting collection of cancellations with approximate 440 values "Control Council", Soviet Zone, German Demokratic Republik (East Germany), focal points are Thuringia and Saxony, clean in the stockbook, very fine / superb 90,00Bid
5440VorschaubildSoviet Zone and German Demokratic Republik (East Germany), duplicate lot postal stationery from P 1 - P 81, mostly unused, as well P 1 * (6 x), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania well represented, P 65 an A used (37 x), P 78 * (15 x) and so on, in total approximate 250 cards, mostly superb condition 280,00Bid
5441VorschaubildA executive briefcases with mostly better documents Federal Republic and Berlin, perfekt to close! Very low starting price! 250,00Bid
5442VorschaubildLot of over 500 mostly different postal stationery postwar Germany from approximate 1946-1993, as well a few better documents, treasure trove! 150,00Bid
5443VorschaubildExtensive lot of letters postwar Germany, mostly from 1948-1960 with numerous good middle documents, in total approximate 200 piece, treasure trove! 150,00Bid
5444VorschaubildLot of 177 different postal stationery postcards postwar Germany from 1945-67, as well a few better, unused and used, almost only superb condition 140,00Bid
5445Vorschaubild1875 / 1954, Berlin city districts: lot of 15 postal stationery, letter pieces and single stamps with postmarks from Baumschulenweg to Zehlendorf, and so on almost only superb condition   55,00Bid
5446Vorschaubild2006-11, lot modern private post, with more then 300 covers, focal points: North letter, Nordkurier, Ostseepost and so on, very fine / superb no limitBid
5447VorschaubildApproximate. 1965-91, mostly mint never hinged lot Federal Republic and Berlin, with many souvenir sheets, in addition to it a little Europe, superb condition, inspect!**,  75,00Bid
5448VorschaubildNeat collector's estate "postwar Germany" in 9 safe hingeless album: Berlin complete to 1986 (souvenir sheet 1 however only unused), Federal Republic complete to 1988 and German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) complete to 1983, all collections included many special feature, in addition to it 3 Leitz folder with first day sheet complete to 1996, favorable offered  1.800,00Bid
5449VorschaubildBox with remainders one large delivery: duplicate stockbooks, parts of sheets and so on, almost only Germany, as well much German Reich, inspect**,  ,*,  500,00Bid
5450Vorschaubild1979-98, lot Federal Republic of Germany / Berlin mint never hinged and used, of the DP in the subscription delivered, mostly in the original envelopes, probably are all special postage stamp 5 time, souvenir sheet issues 2 time, permanent issues 3 time ** and first day sheet 3 time included, a few commemorative sheets, MH and coil stamps are also as well, the old subscription price amounted to be on more 16.000.- DM**,  200,00Bid
5451Vorschaubild1955-2018, interesting lot with approximate 200 documents, in addition to it se-tenants and small souvenir sheet collection, almost only Federal Republic of Germany, treasure trove  ,**100,00Bid
5452Vorschaubild2 as good as new Lighthouse-hingeless album: Dt Reich from 1872-1932 and Federal Republic from 1949-1985, with many stamps  ,**,*75,00Bid
5453VorschaubildAs good as new "KA-BE" album with mounts "zones issues" with some stamps**50,00Bid
5454Vorschaubild1956 / 94 registered specialties. 16 documents with event offices, self booker label and so on, almost only superb30,00Bid
5455Vorschaubild1987, 70 various maximum cards Federal Republic and Berlin in the special album of the company Krueger, superb, acquisition value at that time DM 305.- no limitBid
5456VorschaubildKilo ware: approximate 250 g Federal Republic from the 1970er years no limitBid
5457VorschaubildKilo ware, mostly Federal Republic of Germany, mainly simple values, in the medium-sized box no limitBid
5458Vorschaubild250 g kilo ware, modern private post: mainly North letter and Nordkurier no limitBid
5459Vorschaubild500 g kilo ware, mostly Federal Republic, from old to modern no limitBid
5460Vorschaubild500 g kilo ware, mostly Federal Republic, from old to modern no limitBid
5461Vorschaubild500 g kilo ware, mostly Federal Republic, from old to modern  no limitBid
5462Vorschaubild500 g kilo ware, mostly Federal Republic, from old to to the Euro, with a lot of "Important Germans"  no limitBid
LotPhotoCOLLECTION. EUROPEcat. no.Estimate € 
5463VorschaubildScandinavia: 1970-1994, lot of 41 different year sets and yearbooks, mostly superb condition, favorable offered! **290,00Bid
5464VorschaubildApproximate. 1980-87, over 170 almost only various souvenir sheets and miniature sheet Europe, mostly with first day special cancel, superb condition 100,00Bid

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