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catalog for the 489. nordphila stamp auction (legendHOME

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Closing date: Monday, January 30th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoWUNDERKISTEN, NACHLĂ„SSEcat. no.Estimate € 
5552VorschaubildInteresting small lot of letters Germany in the album, a few better, inspect! 100,00Bid
5553VorschaubildInteresting collector's estate with USA collection in four lighthouse hingeless album, the first years weak be present, from 1966-93 mint never hinged and rather complete, Great Britain collection from 1840-1985 in 2 as good as new hingeless album, the first years hardly be present, from 1970 seeming mint never hinged rather complete, an excellent lot for expansion, in addition to it anymore trivia and UNO Geneva 1970-81 in the Ka Be album with mounts, favorable offered!**,*,  580,00Bid
5554VorschaubildCollector's estate, mostly Germany in the heavy box, treasure trove, inspect!  ,**,*200,00Bid
5555VorschaubildCollector's estate in the box, mostly Germany, treasure trove!  ,**,*200,00Bid
5556VorschaubildCollector's estate: 10 volumes and 3 annual collections in the heavy box, favorable! Inspect!  ,**,*180,00Bid
5557VorschaubildCollector's estate in the box, as well German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) mint never hinged well represented, Hungaria collection and so on, treasure trove!**,  ,*150,00Bid
5558VorschaubildMiracle box: interesting remission lot from "of all world", treasure trove!  ,**,  ,*100,00Bid
5559VorschaubildVery large remission lot in 21 boxes and 6 Trögen, with parts of collections, remainder collections, stock books, duplicates, kilo ware, lot of letters, much paper bag ware (unsorted) from "of all world", with lots of Germany, enormous treasure trove - the buyer has for the evacuation to provide  ,**,*,  1.200,00Bid
5560VorschaubildExtensive, mostly unsorted collector's estate "world" with a lot of oversea, but also a complete cancelled collection Federal Republic of Germany from 1949-76 in the as good as new Lindner hingeless album, treasure trove - inspect  ,**,*,  ,500,00Bid
5561VorschaubildCollector's estate in the box, mostly Germany, as well 5 volumes collection postwar Germany, favorable offered  ,**,*350,00Bid
5562VorschaubildCollector's estate: stock books, bags, stock cards and many covers from "of all world", in a large box, treasure trove  ,**,*100,00Bid
5563VorschaubildExtensive rest lot in the heavy banana box, mostly unsorted material from "of all world", with focal point Germany, with also many documents, treasure trove, very favorable**.  ,*100,00Bid
5564VorschaubildInteresting lot collections and remains in the moving box, mostly Germany and Europe, favorable, inspect**,  ,*100,00Bid
5565VorschaubildInteresting lot collections and remains in the moving box, mostly Germany and Europe, favorable, inspect**,  ,*100,00Bid
5566VorschaubildCollector's estate "all Welt\": stock books, bags, stock cards and many covers in a large box, treasure trove  ,**,*50,00Bid
5567VorschaubildCollector's estate postwar in the box, inspect**,  ,*50,00Bid
5568VorschaubildCollector's estate postwar in the box, inspect**,  ,*50,00Bid
5569VorschaubildExtensive lot "paper bag ware" from "of all world", within a plastic trough, partly country-by-country basis in bags presorted, treasure trove  ,*50,00Bid
5570VorschaubildSmall estate with many documents from the 80s, a album with motif stamps, soaked off values, accessories, and so on, treasure trove  ,**no limitBid
5571VorschaubildMiracle box: a box with mostly soaked off stamps from "of all world", mostly Germany  ,*no limitBid
5572VorschaubildSmall interesting lot of letters from "of all world", treasure trove no limitBid
LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS GERMANY AND SO ON.cat. no.Estimate € 
5573VorschaubildAMRUM, 8 various picture postcards 20,00Bid
5574Vorschaubild1961, "greatings from Nordseeheilbad BĂĽsum", coloured picture postcard with small fanfold, special cancel" BĂĽsum 120 years seaside resort", legitimate condition no limitBid
5575VorschaubildEIDERSTEDT, 30 various unused black / white picture postcards from the 50er years no limitBid
5576VorschaubildGARDING, 28 various picture postcards 30,00Bid
5577VorschaubildHEIDELBERG, 39 various picture postcards 25,00Bid
5578VorschaubildKIEL, collection from 200 different picture postcards in 2 letter albums, with rarely lithographies, many coloured cards and rarely subjects 400,00Bid
5579VorschaubildKIEL, 60 various picture postcards, as well scarce topics and coloured cards 130,00Bid
5580VorschaubildPELLWORM, 10 various picture postcards 20,00Bid
5581VorschaubildST. Peter ORDING, 35 unused black / white postcards from the 50er years no limitBid

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