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Closing date: Monday, June 3rd, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoGERMAN REICH GERMANIAcat. no.Estimate € 
708Vorschaubild1900, 10 Pf. Red carmine "Reichspost", as usual perforated superb, expertized Zenker, Michel 90.-56b 20,00Bid
709Vorschaubild1900, 2 M. "Reichspost", type II, as usual perforated superb, Michel 85.-64II 20,00Bid
710Vorschaubild1900, 5 M. "Reichspost", type II, slight trace of crease otherwise superb, Michel 500.-66II 110,00Bid
711Vorschaubild1900, 5 M. "Reichspost", type I, overpainting only with white paint, superb, photo expertize J√§schke L, Michel 800.-66IV 240,00Bid
712Vorschaubild1902, 3 Pf. "Germania" with plate flaw "first E in German at the bottom without horizontal line", superb, Michel 55.-69I 20,00Bid
720Vorschaubild1905, 10 Pf. Carmine red "peace printing", plate printing, upper margin copy, normal perforation, superb, expertized J√§schke L, Michel 150.-86IaPOR 40,00Bid
721Vorschaubild1914, 10 Pf. Orange red "peace printing", perfect used "BERLIN WILMERSDORF 1" on properly franked single franking on liable to payment of postage offical matter the "Reich Insurance Institution for staff" with accordingly punching "R. F. A", superb cover, RR! Photo expertize J√§schke L, Michel - .86Id 1.800,00Bid
722Vorschaubild1911, 60 Pf. Gray lilac "peace printing", superb, expertized Jäschke, Michel 250.-92I *90,00Bid
723Vorschaubild1911, 60 Pf. Gray lilac "peace printing", left margin copy with HAN "2877.11", mint never hinged, superb, R! Expertized Zenker92IHAN **500,00Bid
724Vorschaubild1912, 3 M. Black brown violet "peace printing", rest of hinge, superb, Michel 70.-96AIb *20,00Bid
725Vorschaubild1906, 5 M. "peace printing", carmine luminous, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 60.-97AIb *20,00Bid
726Vorschaubild1905, 5 M. "Minister print", frame dark yellow ocher luminous, superb, photo expertize J√§schke, Michel 2000.-97AIM 680,00Bid
727Vorschaubild1912, 20 Pf. "airmail on the Rhine and Main" on airmail postcard with special cancel "Darmstadt", as usual perforated superbII 25,00Bid
728Vorschaubild1912, 1 M. On 10 Pf. "Gelber Hund", 2 x on airmail postcard with special cancel "Darmstadt 18.6.12", card slight wrinkles, stamp superbIV 120,00Bid
729Vorschaubild1912, 1 M. On 10 Pf. "Gelber Hund" on airmail postcard with special cancel "Darmstadt 22.6.12", superbIV 85,00Bid
730Vorschaubild1918, 3 Pf. Blackish brown "war time printing", mint never hinged, superb, expertized Jäschke, Michel 70.-84IIb **25,00Bid
731Vorschaubild1918, 5 Pf. Black opal green "war time printing" in the mint never hinged block of four from the margin with HAN "H 3512.19", superb, expertized J√§schke, Michel (2000.-)85IIe   **480,00Bid
732Vorschaubild1918, 5 Pf. Black opal green "war time printing", mint never hinged, superb, expertized Jäschke, Michel 500.-85IIe **120,00Bid
733Vorschaubild1918, 5 Pf. Black opal green "war time printing", superb, expertized J√§schke L, Michel 100.-85IIe 35,00Bid
734Vorschaubild1915, 20 Pf. Ultramarine "war time printing" with rare one-line cancel in cursive handwriting "GLOGAU", superb87II 35,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN REICH INFLATIONcat. no.Estimate € 
736Vorschaubild1916, 2 ¬Ĺ Pf. Olive gray, with peace gum, 84 x, mostly in parts of sheets, as well 8 values with plate printing from upper margin, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 652.-98x **30,00Bid
737Vorschaubild1919, 15 Pf. Dark violet "war victim" in the block of four from the margin with first day postmark on cover, superb, R! Expertized Dr. Oechsner (as letter piece signed)106a   60,00Bid
738Vorschaubild1929, "airmail stamps" on cover to Darmstadt with two-line cancel "per airship "Lake Constance", superb111/2 80,00Bid
739Vorschaubild1920, 2.50 M. Dark purple, superb, expertized Infla, Michel 250.-115d 90,00Bid
740Vorschaubild1920, 2.50 M. On 2 M. Lilac-rose, very fine (corner creases), expertized Bauer, Michel 250.-118b 55,00Bid
741Vorschaubild1920, 3 M. Gray turquoise and 4 M. Blackish orange red, each with plate flaw "bloom in on the right with 5 in lieu of 4 blossoms", rest of hinge, 2 superb items, Michel 110.-134PFIII,135PFIV *40,00Bid
742Vorschaubild1920, 20 Pf. Dark blue green, superb, expertized Infla, Michel 130.-143c 40,00Bid
744Vorschaubild1920, 80 Pf. Gray ultramarine, superb, expertized Bauer, Michel 100.-149b 35,00Bid
746Vorschaubild1921, 1.60 M. On 5 Pf. Dark brown, overprint subdued gloss, mint never hinged, superb, photo expertize Bechtold, Michel 230.-154Ib **80,00Bid
747Vorschaubild1921, 10 Pf. Black olive, normal perforation, superb, expertized Weinbuch, Michel 350.-159b 100,00Bid

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