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Closing date: Monday, June 3rd, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoFINLAND COLLECTIONScat. no.Estimate € 
3632VorschaubildNeat cancelled part of a collection from 1885-1931 with good middle values, superb, Michel more then 1200.- 190,00Bid
3633Vorschaubild1995-2009, 16 various mint never hinged miniature sheet, superb, Michel 315.-KB **50,00Bid
LotPhotoFINLAND ALANDINSELNcat. no.Estimate € 
3634Vorschaubild2001, 2005-13, 10 various vintage wallets, superb **160,00Bid
LotPhotoFRANCE PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Estimate € 
3635Vorschaubild1801, letter from "DOL" to Saint Broladre with content, printed sheet of writing paper of the "Travaux Publics", superb 70,00Bid
LotPhotoFRANCEcat. no.Estimate € 
3636Vorschaubild1850, 10 C. Yellow brown, superb, Michel 400.-1a 120,00Bid
3637Vorschaubild1850, 10 C. Yellow brown, nummeral cancel "1268", superb piece of letter, Michel 400.-1a 120,00Bid
3638Vorschaubild1850, 40 C. Red orange, centered grid cancel, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized among others Drahn, Michel (550.-)5a 190,00Bid
3639Vorschaubild1852, 10 C. Yellow brown, superb in every respect piece of letter, Michel (700.-)8a 230,00Bid
3640Vorschaubild1852 / 3, 7 superb and superb in every respect items, mostly expertized Calvesaus 9-15 100,00Bid
3641Vorschaubild1853, 40 C. Red orange with red figures rhombus from "Le Havre", superb, RR! Photo expertize from the Weid15a 100,00Bid
3642Vorschaubild"Paris Par Moulins - Illustrerede skildringer fra belejringen 1870 / 71", I Samarbejde med Wolfgang Jakubek, 1969, Guenther Heyd, 108 sides, with many illustrations, bound, in Danish  no limitBid
3643Vorschaubild1872, 4 C. Grey, rest of hinges, off-center, superb, Michel 360.-47 *70,00Bid
3644Vorschaubild1889, 15 C. Blue and 2 x 5 C. Pale yellow green on account with two ring cancel "PARIS 17 R. Of the HALLES" to Austria, superb73,84II 20,00Bid
3645Vorschaubild1877, 5 Fr. Violet on pale lilac, rest of hinges, very fine, Michel 450.-76 *90,00Bid
3646Vorschaubild1890, 50 C. Carmine on rose, type II, rest of hinges, as usual perforated superb, Michel 220.-81II *50,00Bid
3647Vorschaubild1902, 10 C. Rose, mint never hinged, superb, Yvert EUR 225.-102 **55,00Bid
3648Vorschaubild1917 / 9, "war orphan", rest of hinge, very fine set, Michel 2500.-128-35 *750,00Bid
3649Vorschaubild1918, 15 C. "Red Cross", rest of hinge, superb, Michel 150.-136 *45,00Bid
3650Vorschaubild1918, 15 C. "Red Cross", rest of hinge, very fine, Michel 150.-136 *30,00Bid
3651Vorschaubild1922, 5 Fr. "war orphan" in blue and blue-grey (Yvert no. 169 and 169 a), mint never hinged, 2 superb items, Yvert EUR 735.-151 **190,00Bid
3652Vorschaubild1925, 25 C. "castle terrace", unperforated photo essay on cardboard paper, superb, R!179P (*)70,00Bid
3653Vorschaubild1925, 3 Fr. Violet / blue "allegory" in the corner margin block of four with sheet number, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (200.-)181   **80,00Bid
3654Vorschaubild1925, 3 Fr. Violet / blue "allegory" in the block of four from the margin, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 200.-181   **60,00Bid
3655Vorschaubild1926, 20 Fr. "allegory", mint never hinged, expertized among others Calves, superb, Michel 400.-183 **110,00Bid
3656Vorschaubild1925, "Pasteuer" in blocks of four from the margin, very fine set mint never hinged, Michel (440.-)192-97   **140,00Bid
3657Vorschaubild1926, 5 Fr. "war orphan" in the block of four from the margin, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (720.-)214   **220,00Bid
3658Vorschaubild1927, souvenir sheet "Strasbourg", cancel in the margin, center piece mint never hinged, superb, Michel 1100.-Bl. 2 390,00Bid
3659Vorschaubild1927, 3 Fr. Dark reddish lilac / lilac "allegory" in the block of four from the margin, mint never hinged, superb, Michel 520.-222   **160,00Bid
3660Vorschaubild1927, 3 Fr. Dark reddish lilac / lia "allegory", mint never hinged, superb, Michel 130.-222 **40,00Bid
3661Vorschaubild1929, 50 C. "Jeanne a\'Arc" in the complete stamp booklet "Le Havre", mint never hinged, superb237MH **75,00Bid

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