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Closing date: Monday, May 30th, 2022, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoOFFICES: CHINAcat. no.Estimate € 
1546Vorschaubild1898, 3 Pf. Pale ocher "diagonally overprint", rest of hinge, superb, R! Photo expertize Jäschke L, Michel 800.-1Id *300,00Bid
1547Vorschaubild1898, 25 Pf. Yellowish orange "diagonally overprint" with plate flaw "I in Reichspost above cleaved", superb, photo expertize J√§schke L, Michel 450.-5IaPFII 150,00Bid
1548Vorschaubild1898, "steep overprint", perfect cancelled very fine set1a,b-6II   45,00Bid
1549Vorschaubild1901, mixed franking: 5 and 25 Pf. "steep overprint" with 10 Pf. "Germania" on cover from "SHANGHAI a" to Italy, 5 Pf. Defects, very fine, scarce combination!2,5IIa,17 150,00Bid
1550Vorschaubild1900, 5 Pf. "steep overprint" with postmark "TONGKU" on postcard to Wesel, on the back sender¬īs name "aboard the Krefeld", superb2II 30,00Bid
1551Vorschaubild1901, 5 Pf. "steep overprint" with postmark "Beijing" on Chinese 4 Sn. Postal stationery postcard, superb2II no limitBid
1552Vorschaubild1901, 10 Pf. Dark rose "steep overprint" with sea mail stamp "east Asian Head line * f" on picture postcard from Singapore, superb, photo expertize J√§schke L.3IIc 180,00Bid
1553Vorschaubild1901, 3 Pf. "hand stamp overprint" with postmark "TIENTSIN a 21.2.01" on card from Paotingfu to Amberg with stamps from 5 further postal administrations, superb, expertized Pfenniger600,00Bid
1554Vorschaubild1901, 5 Pf. "hand stamp overprint", stamp "TIENTSIN a 9.2.01", on picture postcard to Muenster with stamps from 5 further postal administrations (as well the Chinese stamp with blue stamp and Russian stamp with red cancel), various mailing defects, the 5 Pf. Stamp in superb condition500,00Bid
1555Vorschaubild1901, 10 Pf. "hand stamp overprint", stamp "TIENTSIN a 1.1.01" (type II), superb, expertized among others Pfenniger10 200,00Bid
1556VorschaubildPetschili: 15.11.1900, 2 Pf. Grey postal stationery postcard with 3 Pf. Pale ochre-brown and 10 Pf. Red and 10 Pf. "Germania" with MSP postmarks no. 4 (SMS Irene), handwritten notation "Shanghai Kwan 31.10.00", superb, RR!P Vaa,ac,Vc 600,00Bid
1557VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 2 Pf. Bright gray, single, strip of three and strip of four with blank gutters on cover with postmark "Beijing 14.6.01" to Muskau, with arrival postmark on the back, superb, RR!P Vag 380,00Bid
1558VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 3 Pf. "Reichspost" with postmark "TONGKU 12.5.01" and ¬Ĺ C. "China" on 10 Pf. German Reich letter-card (inside unlabeled) with postmark "Beijing", reverse arrival postmark "WESEL", superb, signed H. KrauseP Va 250,00Bid
1559VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 10 Pf. "Reichspost", stamp "Beijing 10.6.01", superb, expertized BotheP Vc 20,00Bid
1560VorschaubildPetschili: 1910, 10 Pf. "Reichspost" with postmark "Beijing 9.4.01" on picture postcard to Hungaria, superbP Vc 50,00Bid
1561VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 10 Pf. "Reichspost" with postmark "Beijing 6.2.01" on picture postcard to Leipzig, superbP Vc 40,00Bid
1562VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 10 and 20 Pf. "Reichspost" on piece with postmark "Beijing 10.1.01", superbP Vc,d 60,00Bid
1563VorschaubildPetschili: 1900, 30 Pf. "Reichspost" in the block of four on large letter piece, stamp "TIENTSIN a 26.11.00", left lower stamp small perforation fault otherwise decorative superb piece of letter, R! Signed H. K.P Ve    380,00Bid
1564VorschaubildPetschili: 1900, 50 Pf. "Reichspost" in a horizontal pair on parcel card, as kept by the post office (on the back telegraph number), stamp "K. D. FIELD postal service station No. 2", through vertical paper cuts is the pair centered damaged, Michel (760.-)P Vg    170,00Bid
1565VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 80 Pf. "Reichspost" on parcel card, as kept by the post office with centered stamp "Beijing 14.2.01", superb, photo expertize Bothe, Michel (400.-)P Vh 140,00Bid
1566VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 1 M. "Reichspost" on postcard coupon, with centered stamp "Beijing 15.3.01", superb, signed Friedemann, Michel (700.-)P Vi 220,00Bid
1567VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 2 M. "Reichspost", type I, on parcel card, as kept by the post office with postmark "Beijing 21.02.01", superb, expertized Bothe and Mansfeld and photo expertize J√§schke L, Michel (850.-)P VkI 250,00Bid
1568VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 3 M. "Reichspost", type II, stamp "Beijing 21.02.01" on closely parcel card, as kept by the post office, right lower corner round, very fine, Michel 950.-P VlII 190,00Bid
1569VorschaubildPetschili: 1901, 10 Pf. "Kiautschou" on fieldpost letter with postmark "Beijing 14.5.01", along with stamps and cancel from 5 further postal administrations, with military cancel, superb cover to Wesel, expertized Dr. LantelmeP VIc 350,00Bid
1570Vorschaubild1902, 3 Pf. Ochre-brown "Reichspost" in the vertical strip of five with 25 Pf. On registered cover (slight transport traces) from "Beijing" to Wesel, scarce combination, superb15a,19 120,00Bid
1571Vorschaubild1901, 3 - 80 Pf. "Reichspost" with overprint "SPECIMEN", rest of hinge, 9 superb items, Michel 2520.-15-23SP *780,00Bid
1572Vorschaubild1902, 5 Pf. "Reichspost" on souvenir card from "TIENTSIN", with Chinese and japanese additional franking to Bremen, very fine16 100,00Bid
1573Vorschaubild1902, 5 Pf. "Reichspost" with postmark "TIENTSIN a" on fieldpost card (France post in China postal stationery postcard P 4 IF) to Wesel, S. B. Stamp "TRAINDEPOT", reverse unlabeled, superb16 80,00Bid
1574Vorschaubild1902, 5 Pf. "Reichspost" and China 1 C. Ochre on postcard from "TIENTSIN a" to WESEL, reverse unlabeled, superb16 40,00Bid
1575Vorschaubild1902, 10 Pf. "Reichspost" on postal stationery postcard (France post in China P 4 I), reverse unlabeled, superb17 100,00Bid

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