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Closing date: Monday, October 9th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

1753Vorschaubild24.2.1872, ┬Ż Gr. And 4 x 1 Gr. Small breast shield on cover over "TRIEST" to red scum, strong file fold through a 1 Gr. Stamp, otherwise having bright colours superb cover, franking unique!V 3,4 1.400,00Bid
1754Vorschaubild26.11.1873, ┬Ż Gr., 1 Gr. And 2 ┬Ż Gr. Great breast shield over Varna Bucharest Lviv to red scum, slight vertical government trace of crease through the 2 ┬Ż Gr. Stamp otherwise decorative three colour franking, superb, photo expertize SismondoV 18,19,21a 1.000,00Bid
1755Vorschaubild10.5.1873, ┬Ż Gr. And 2 x 1 Gr. Great breast shield on cover over "VARNA Danube" to Leipzig, on the back tab not complete, superb, photo expertize SismondoV 18,19 700,00Bid
1756Vorschaubild14.2.1874, 1 Gr. In the vertical strip of three (2 stamps horizontal government trace of creases) and 5 Gr. Great breast shield on decorative letter from "BORUSSA" over odessa to Lyon, superb, unique!V 19,22 1.400,00Bid
1757Vorschaubild2.7.1875, 20 Pfe. Ultramarine and 25 Pfe. Reddish brown, in each case 2 x on decorative letter over "VARNA Danube" to aspirator, very fine, only 2 those frankings known! Expertized Pfenniger and detailed photo expertize SteuerV 34a,35a 1.800,00Bid
1758Vorschaubild28.6.1883, 20 Pf. Ultramarine, 4 x (one stamp missing corner), on registered cover to Brandenburg, very fineV 42 250,00Bid
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1759Vorschaubild1884, 20 PA. On 10 Pf. Bright rose, as usual perforated superb, expertized Bothe, Michel 120.-2a 35,00Bid
1760Vorschaubild1884, 1 PIA. On 20 Pf. Violet ultramarine, overprint blue black, in a horizontal pair, very fine (some foxing), expertized Bothe3b   45,00Bid
1761Vorschaubild1887, 1 ┬╝ PIA. On 25 Pf. Orange brown, on the back rubbed spot otherwise superb, expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 340.-4b 90,00Bid
1762Vorschaubild1884, 2 ┬Ż PIA. On 50 Pf. Gray green, very fine, expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 190.-5a 50,00Bid
1763Vorschaubild1897, 20 PA on 10 Pf. Medium red, dark yellow luminous, with rare plate flaw "wedge in left frame line between the pages left above" (field 47) on litho picture postcard with postmark "CONSTANTINOPEL 1 ** " to Strassburg, superb, RR! = probably the only one exists! Photo expertize Steuer7caIV 1.100,00Bid
1764Vorschaubild1897, 1 PIA. On 20 Pf. Violet ultramarine, cancel "CONSTANTINOPEL 1a", on cover to Munich with blue cancel "with Aid the Police not ascertainable return", very fine8d 90,00Bid
1765Vorschaubild1889, 1 ┬╝ PIA. On 25 Pf. Yellowish orange and 2 ┬Ż PIA. On 50 Pf. Bright red brown, rest of hinges, 2 superb items, Michel 75.-9b,10d *25,00Bid
1766Vorschaubild1889, 1 ┬╝ PIA. On 25 Pf. Yellowish orange with variety "I in Reichspost above cleaved", superb, expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 280.-9bVI 100,00Bid
1767Vorschaubild1899, 2 ┬Ż PIA. On 50 Pf. Purple brown, very fine (trace of crease), expertized Jaeschke L, Michel 150.-10ba 35,00Bid
1768Vorschaubild1900, 15 PIA. On 3 M., type II, superb, Michel 200.-22I/II 60,00Bid
1769Vorschaubild1900, 25 PIA. On 5 M., type I, overpainting only with white paint, rest of hinge, superb, photo expertize Steuer, Michel 380.-23I/IV *150,00Bid
1770Vorschaubild1904, 10 PA. On 5 Pf., overprint type II, on picture postcard from "JERUSALEM" to Neunkirchen, superb12II 35,00Bid
1771Vorschaubild1903, 5 PIA. On 1 M., overprint type II, superb, Michel 130.-20II 40,00Bid
1772Vorschaubild1903, 5 PIA. On 1 M., overprint type II, with plate flaw "colour line from right window in the first Stock to to the right image border", superb, RR! Photo expertize Jaeschke L, Michel 2200.-20IIPFII 750,00Bid
1773Vorschaubild1902, not issued: 1 ┬╝ Pia. On 25 Pf. - 4 PIA on 80 Pf., mint never hinged, 5 superb items, photo expertize Jaeschke L, Michel 3750.-I-V **1.300,00Bid
1774Vorschaubild1906 / 7, 5 Pia. On 1 M. And 10 Pia. On 2 M., watermarked, 2 superb items, Michel 100.-44/5 35,00Bid
1775Vorschaubild1906, 10 Pia. On 2 M., watermarked, superb, expertized Bothe, Michel 60.-45 20,00Bid
1776Vorschaubild1908, 25 Pia. On 5 M., watermarked, carmine luminous, mint never hinged, in the upper right corner margin block of four, mint never hinged, superb, Michel (400.-)47b  **150,00Bid
1777Vorschaubild1908, 25 Pia. On 5 M., watermarked, carmine luminous, mint never hinged, very fine, Michel 100.-47b **25,00Bid
1778Vorschaubild1908, "diagonally overprint", rest of hinges, very fine set, Michel 120.-48-52 *35,00Bid
1779Vorschaubild1908, "diagonally overprint", very fine set, Michel 180.-48-52 55,00Bid
1780Vorschaubild1908, 10 C. On 10 Pf. "diagonally overprint", 4 values with raisins postmarks "SMYRNA", condition varies49 35,00Bid
1781VorschaubildExtensive cancelled lot of 146 values, mostly superb condition, inspect! Michel more then 3700.-  500,00Bid
1782Vorschaubild1900, 20 para on 10 Pf. Rose with undamaged cancel "JERUSALEM 5.3.00" to Germany, superbP 5 40,00Bid

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