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Closing date: Monday, January 30th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoGERMAN. OCC. II. WW ALEXANDERSTADTcat. no.Estimate € 
2165Vorschaubild1942, 2 Rbl. On 5 K. Brownish red on piece, stamp as a check soaked off and with hinge mounted, right at the edge scratched otherwise superb, expertized wild boar and photo expertize Krischke, Michel 5000.-1.100,00Bid
2166Vorschaubild1942, 3 Rbl. On 1 Rbl. Dark blue, watermark angle pattern, rest of hinge, superb, expertized wild boar and photo expertize Zirath, Michel 4000.-12X *1.200,00Bid
2167Vorschaubild1942, 3 Rbl. On 1 Rbl. Dark blue, watermark angle pattern, superb piece of letter, expertized wild boar and photo expertize Zirath, Michel (6000.-)12X 1.800,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW UKRAINE SARNYcat. no.Estimate € 
2168Vorschaubild1941, 3 Krb. Black on dull gray, superb piece of letter, expertized wild boar and photo expertize Zirath, Michel (2200.-)750,00Bid
LotPhotoGERMAN. BES. II. WW UKRAINE AREA ISSUEScat. no.Estimate € 
2169Vorschaubild1944, 6 Pf. "Luboml" from the left upper corner, superb, expertized Zirath, Michel (150.-)60,00Bid
2170VorschaubildMainly cancelled collection Bes. Geb. II from 1939-45, among others with Alsace, Courland, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Ostland, Ukraine and so on, almost only superb condition, Michel 1350.-  ,**, *220,00Bid
2171VorschaubildSmall cancelled part of a collection, as well Alsace, Lorraine and Luxembourg complete, superb condition 35,00Bid
2172VorschaubildA little mixed collection Bes. Geb. II, as well Bohemia and Moravia and Generalgouvernement complete, almost only superb condition, inspect!**,*,  200,00Bid
2173VorschaubildMostly unused old part of a collection, superb condition*,  90,00Bid
LotPhotoFIELDPOST STAMPScat. no.Estimate € 
2174Vorschaubild1942, "fieldpost small parcel stamp", perforated, on complete army postal service packet address with 20 Pf. Franking from "MEININGEN", superb, photo expertize cheater2A 50,00Bid
2175Vorschaubild1944, "army postal service 2 kg" on address label of a fieldpost small parcel with sender and recipient statements, hand-roller cancel "hamlet", good legitimate condition, detailed photo expertize MĂĽller, Michel 7500.-1.500,00Bid
2176Vorschaubild1944, "Christmas small package stamp", 2 x on package cut with 20 Pf. Franking, stamp "ABTENAU" and violet rectangle cancel with two lines "by of the army postal service delivered", mailing defects, expertized Rungas and Gabisch120,00Bid
2177Vorschaubild1944, "island Crete", perforated, normal perforation, superb piece of letter, photo expertize Rungas7A 120,00Bid
2178Vorschaubild1945, "island Rhodes", perforated, on commercial letter with the FPnummer "68066 E" to Pforzheim, superb, RR! Photo expertize cheater, Michel (7000.-)8A 2.800,00Bid
2179Vorschaubild1944, "Agramer overprint", rouletted, overprint dark blue, superb piece of letter, expertized Pickenpack, Michel (70.-)10BbI 25,00Bid
2180Vorschaubild1944, "island post", rouletted, overprint pale blue, on fieldpost letter to Delmenhorst, address partly black, roulette partly a little blotched, expertized Pickenpack, Michel 400.-10Bc 80,00Bid
2181Vorschaubild1945, so-called "Courland express letter", unused, superb, Michel 70.-16Fb 20,00Bid
2182VorschaubildTest run or trial in prin ting postage 1939: 5 Pf. "Hindenburg" postal stationery postcard with 1 Pf. Additional franking on postcard from Vienna to the Practice postal service-number "132009" over the post control center Opava, very fineP 225,512 70,00Bid
2183Vorschaubild1936, military registered cover from military training area Hay mountain with appropriate registered label and green one-line cancel "free by exemption providing franking privilege Reich" and green letter cancel "8. Company / Inf. Regiment Heilbronn", superb 140,00Bid
2184Vorschaubild1938, legion Condor: 12 Pf. Bright red on fieldpost letter of the member member the legion Condor Fritz Noak to his member with on the back dated postmark "8. November 1938" and two-line stamp the cover address, very fine (defects from opening the cover) 200,00Bid
2185Vorschaubild1939, fieldpost letter over the post control center Dresden to Silesia as "test run or trial in prin ting postage" declares, very fine 35,00Bid
2186Vorschaubild1940, army postal service picture postcard with postmarks "free by exemption providing franking privilege Reich" and offices cancel "regiment General Goering" mailed in "BERLIN-REINICHENDORF", superb 25,00Bid
2187Vorschaubild1940, army postal service special delivery cover front-homeland, franked with 40 Pf. "Hitler", very fine 20,00Bid
2188Vorschaubild1941, SS military hospital Berlin Lichterfelde: fieldpost letter with eagle stamp "SS management main office" and Tarn hand stamp, over SS censorship to Denmark, very fine 55,00Bid
2189Vorschaubild1942 / 44, Hungarian army postal service: registered airmail letter and 2 fieldpost service letters (FP-number "28394" and 40828"), all with censorship, traces of use 130,00Bid
2190Vorschaubild1942, Finnish army postal service from Hamina with German and finnish censorship to a Lieutenant in the military hospital Löwenberg in Silesia, superb 30,00Bid
2191Vorschaubild31.12.1942, fieldpost letter from Africa with content, letter cancel the fieldpost number 19648, superb 50,00Bid
2192Vorschaubild1943 / 44, air raid road damage list: as English thin print fanfold propaganda sheet to the sapping German morale of the Wehrmacht for over 30 German cities with names hundred bombarded streets, superb 45,00Bid
2193Vorschaubild1943, Lazarettbrief of a Estonian SS-man, German fieldpost letter from "GLOGAU", with censorship "Aa" to Estonia, superb 20,00Bid
2194VorschaubildNetherlands, 29.6.44, card F / F from a dutch by 1. March favor. 33 Homburg to his brother by 04091 60,00Bid

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