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Closing date: Monday, May 25th, 2020, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoHANOVER PRE PHILATELYcat. no.Estimate € 
295Vorschaubild"BADBERGEN", one-line cancel with handwritten date, cover to Ladenburg, superb 30,00Bid
296Vorschaubild"GARTOW", one-line cancel on cover to Woltersdorf by LĂĽckow, one-line cancel "FRANCO", superb 25,00Bid
297Vorschaubild"K. L. St. " (royally administrative district Stade) on printed wrapper to Beverstedt, superb 35,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVERcat. no.Estimate € 
298Vorschaubild1850, 1 Ggr. Black on gray blue, right margin copy, centered black single circle postmark "disembogue", superb in every respect piece of letter60,00Bid
299Vorschaubild1851, 1 Ggr. Black on gray green with plate flaw "lion back left besides coat of arms oval broken", with black one-line cancel" (A) SENDO (RF) " on closely letter piece, slight glueing fold, superb, R!2aV 90,00Bid
300Vorschaubild1851, 1 / 30 Th. Black on salmon-colored with black stamp, superb piece of letter, Michel 100.-3a 30,00Bid
301Vorschaubild1855, 1 / 30 Th. Black on raspberries red, inverted watermark, thin spot place otherwise superb, Michel 300.-3bW 80,00Bid
302Vorschaubild1851, 1 / 15 Th. Black on gray blue, minimal blotched superb cover from "Hanover" to Demker70,00Bid
303Vorschaubild1851, 1 / 10 Th. Black on yellow, blue two ring cancel "UELZEN", large superb in every respect piece of letter30,00Bid
304Vorschaubild1855, 1 / 10 Th. Black, orange net like pattern, on closely superb piece of letter, superb, Michel 200.-7a 70,00Bid
305Vorschaubild1856, 3 Pf. Carmine, black net like pattern, superb, Michel 320.-8a 100,00Bid
306Vorschaubild1856, 3 Pf. Carmine, grey net like pattern, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 500.-8b *130,00Bid
307Vorschaubild1856, 3 Pf. Carmine, grey net like pattern, in the horizontal pair, with blue two ring cancel "VIENENBURG", superb in every respect piece of letter, photo expertize Berger, Michel (1000.-)8b   380,00Bid
310Vorschaubild1856, 1 / 10 Th. Black / orange yellow with plate flaw "hoof of the unicorn is absent", superb, Michel 250.-12I 75,00Bid
311Vorschaubild1859, 1 Gr. Rose in the right block of four from the margin with 2 row number, mint never hinged, superb14a   **20,00Bid
312Vorschaubild1859 / 61, 2 Gr. Blue, 3 Gr. Orange and 3 Gr. Brown, 3 superb items, Michel 205.-15/6,19a 60,00Bid
314Vorschaubild1859, 3 Gr. Yellow orange, superb, Michel 85.-16a 25,00Bid
315Vorschaubild1860, ½ Gr. Black, blue two ring cancel "CELLE", superb, signed Köhler, Michel 250.-17y 75,00Bid
316Vorschaubild1860, ½ Gr. Black, blue two ring cancel "GĂ–TTINGEN", superb, photo expertize Jäschke L, Michel 250.-17y 70,00Bid
318Vorschaubild1860, ½ Gr. Black, superb piece of letter, Michel 250.-17y 90,00Bid
319Vorschaubild1861, 10 Gr. Dark greenish olive, rest of hinge, superb, Michel 360.-18 *90,00Bid
320Vorschaubild1861, 10 Gr. Dark greenish olive, blue two ring cancel "GĂ–TTINGEN", repaired like superb, Michel (1700.-)18 180,00Bid
321Vorschaubild1861, 10 Gr. Dark greenish olive, centered single circle postmark "SALZGITTER", repaired like superb, expertized W. Engel, Michel (1700.-)18 150,00Bid
323Vorschaubild1864, ½ Gr. Black, rose gum, blue two ring cancel, a little "Hanover thin", very fine, Michel 550.-22x 100,00Bid
324Vorschaubild1884, 2 Gr. Violet ultramarine as additional franking on 1 Gr. Postal stationery cover (above defects from opening the cover) from "CELLE" to Jena, very fine24y 50,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVER TOWN CANCELcat. no.Estimate € 
325Vorschaubild"GĂ–HRDE", blue two ring cancel on 1 Ggr. Black on light grey green, superb piece of letter2b 40,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVER STILL USED POSTMARKcat. no.Estimate € 
326Vorschaubild"BODENFELDE", black two ring cancel 1 Gr. Carmine, superb piece of letterNDP 16 30,00Bid
327Vorschaubild"FALLINGBOSTEL", two ring cancel in blue on 1 Sgr. Rose postal stationery cover, size A, very fine (a little having mould stains)U 26A 20,00Bid
328Vorschaubild"NEUHAUS A. D. E. " on small cover (not complete) with 1 Gr. Carmine, superbNDP 16 40,00Bid
LotPhotoHANOVER COLLECTIONS, LOTScat. no.Estimate € 
330Vorschaubild18 values, condition varies with many superb items, Michel 1000.- 150,00Bid

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