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Closing date: Monday, June 3rd, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoHELIGOLANDcat. no.Estimate € 
184Vorschaubild1871, 1 S. Carmine / yellowish green, tiny thin places otherwise having bright colours superb item, photo expertize Heitmann, Michel 380.-7a 100,00Bid
185Vorschaubild1873, 3 / 4 S. Light green / rose in the block of four from the upper margin, the upper pair mint never hinged, the two of them lower values minimal affixed spots, superb in every respect (choice copy)9   **,*190,00Bid
187Vorschaubild1874, 1 ½ S. Light green / carmine (right lower corner is absent) on cover to Hamburg, on the back horse shoe arrival postmark, above stronger opening defects, fine, photo expertize Heitmann, Michel 1000.-10 150,00Bid
188Vorschaubild1890, 5 Pf. Bright lilac carmine, single franking on "greatings from. " card with single circle postmark "Heligoland * b 10.8.90" to Elberfeld, card small corner crease otherwise superb13b 100,00Bid
195Vorschaubild1890, 10 Pf. Bluish green / carmine in the mint never hinged block of twelve from the left lower corner of the sheet, 2 values rest of hinge, superb, each value expertized Lemberger, R!14e **150,00Bid
197Vorschaubild1890, 25 Pf. Lilac carmine / green on superb cover to Wandsbek, expertized Lemberger15 75,00Bid
198Vorschaubild1890, 50 Pf. Green / dark carmine on registered cover to Hamburg, small perforation fault otherwise superb cover16b 120,00Bid
201Vorschaubild1890, 5 M. Multicoloured on postage exceeding tariff rate registered cover to Halle, superb, photo expertize Buehler20 600,00Bid
202Vorschaubild1879, 5 M. "numeral of value in the oval" with 5 Pf. Bright carmine / green on decorative superb piece of letter, expertized Pfenniger, Michel (1600.-)13b,20A 580,00Bid
203Vorschaubild1936-1940, interesting lot of 33 documents, mostly with German Reich Michel number 750 franked, also many 6 Pf. Picture postcards with Heligoland subjects, in addition to it a chart from 1898DR 180,00Bid
204Vorschaubild1875, 5 Pf. Green with circle arch cancel, very fine, Michel 200.-P 1 45,00Bid
205Vorschaubild1878, 5 Pf. Green with single line cancel to Leipzig, blotched, very fine, Michel 200.-P 1 40,00Bid
207Vorschaubild1875, 5 Pf. Green, 2 unused cards, superb, Michel 55.-P 1/2 no limitBid
209Vorschaubild1879, 10 Pf. On 5 Pf. Green, question- and answer part, 2 unused cards, very fineP 4 F/A 25,00Bid
211Vorschaubild1882, 10 Pf. Black, card to to glue by Heidelberg, superb, Michel 170.-P 5 50,00Bid
212Vorschaubild1882, 10 Pf. Black, card to Hamburg, very fine, Michel 170.-P 5 40,00Bid
216Vorschaubild1889, 10 Pf. Gray black with rectangle cancel with two lines "from Heligoland over Cuxhaven" to Hamburg, very fineP 6 50,00Bid
217Vorschaubild1889, 10 / 10 Pf. Gray black, reverse unlabeled, superbP 7 100,00Bid
219Vorschaubild1890, 5 Pf. Brown, wrapper to Brunswick, superb, Michel 200.-S 2 70,00Bid
220Vorschaubild1890, 5 Pf. Brown, wrapper to Horst, very fine, Michel 200.-S 2 50,00Bid
221Vorschaubild1889, 5 Pf. Brown, wrapper to Tilsit, very fine, Michel 200.-S 2 50,00Bid
222Vorschaubild1889, 5 Pf. Brown, wrapper to Heidelberg, very fine, Michel 200.-S 2 50,00Bid
224Vorschaubild1875, 10 Pf. Red and 20 Pf. On 10 Pf. Red, penny in evenly types, always on postal stationery cover, unused, superb, Michel 63.-U 1,2I 20,00Bid
LotPhotoLĂśBECKcat. no.Estimate € 
228Vorschaubild1859, ½ S. Dark violet gray with town cancel (20% extra charge!), heavily repaired, like superb, photo expertize Mehlmann300,00Bid
229Vorschaubild1859, 1 S. Blackish orange, photo expertize Heitmann: "the having bright colours, right cut into, otherwise full to large margined stamp, point at thin places on. ", Michel 2500.-480,00Bid
230Vorschaubild1859, 2 S. Reddish brown, small thin otherwise superb, expertized Brettl, Michel 300.-70,00Bid
231Vorschaubild1863, ½ S. Dark yellowish green, bar cancel! Superb, signed30,00Bid
233Vorschaubild1863, 1 S. Reddish orange, normal roulette 11 3 / 4, superb, expertized R. F. Engel, Michel 200.-9A 55,00Bid
234Vorschaubild1863, 1 S. Reddish orange, very fine, Michel 200.-9A 50,00Bid
236Vorschaubild1863, 4 S. Olive brown, bar cancel the local post (on of this issue better cancel), little margin tear otherwise superb, abridged certificate Mehlmann12 40,00Bid

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