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Closing date: Monday, March 25th, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoPRUSSIAcat. no.Estimate € 
331Vorschaubild1856, ½ Sgr. Red orange and 4 Pf. Green, 2 superb items, Michel 170.-1,5a 45,00Bid
332Vorschaubild1851, ½ Sgr. Red orange, centered nummeral cancel "101" (BERGHEIM), superb30,00Bid
333Vorschaubild1850, ½ Sgr. Red orange in the vertical block of six, on all sides full to having huge margins, nummeral cancel "422" (Frankenhausen), minimal not fresh otherwise decorative superb piece of letter, very scarce unit! Photo expertize Buehler900,00Bid
334Vorschaubild1850, ½ Sgr. Red orange (right slightly cut into) with wide margined 2 Sgr. Black on blue on piece, nummeral cancel "1350" and additional cancellation "BERLIN MAGDEBURG", decorative superb piece of letter, expertized W. Engel1,3 80,00Bid
335Vorschaubild1850, ½ Sgr. Red orange (lower right minimal affects) with 2 Sgr. Pale blue (right slight margin crease) with nummeral cancel "1439" on decorative letter piece, photo expertize Flemming1,7b 80,00Bid
336Vorschaubild1850, 1 Sgr. Black on rose in the horizontal strip of four, nummeral cancel "401" (Pr. Eylau), very fine, abridged certificate Brettl, Michel (500.-)2a 120,00Bid
338Vorschaubild1850, 1 Sgr. Black on rose with town cancel! Crease, very fine, Michel 200.-2a no limitBid
339Vorschaubild1850, 2 Sgr. Black on blue in the horizontal strip of four on piece, nummeral cancel "1036" (Neustettin), photo expertize Brettl: "three sides with wide margins, the right margin is partial supplemented. A horizontal and a vertical trace of crease are smoothed. ", Michel 1200.-250,00Bid
340Vorschaubild1856, 4 Pf. Green, superb in every respect (choice copy), Michel (100.-)5a 35,00Bid
341Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Rose in the horizontal having full margins strip of five, nummeral cancel "103", various on the back defects, very scarce unit! Photo expertize Meier6a 400,00Bid
342Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Rose in the horizontal strip of four, nummeral cancel "906" (Magdeburg), very fine (2 vertical creases), photo expertize Flemming, Michel 1000.-6a 220,00Bid
343Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Rose and 3 Sgr. Yellow orange, 2 superb items6a,8a 25,00Bid
344Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Rose in the block of three, right stamp with plate shift (PLF 6 A1), nummeral cancel "1096" (Opole), small defects, very fine, R! Detailed photo expertize Flemming6a 150,00Bid
345Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Rose, of the same value-level mixed franking on piece with nummeral cancel "1083" (Odenkirchen), very fine (Michel number 6 error in cutting), expertized Kastaun6a,10a 50,00Bid
346Vorschaubild1856, 1 Sgr. Rose, dwarf cut, with nummeral cancel "596" (HEILIGENSTADT) to Dingelstaedt as printed matter used. The letter is double used. He what previously already as printed matter used with Hanover 3 Pfe. With rectangle cancel "Hanover 23. January". In this kind a interesting and extraordinary "two countries combination", superb, photo expertize Berger6a,Han.8b 2.500,00Bid
347Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Rose, of the same value-level mixed franking on 3 Sgr. Yellow postal stationery cover (on the back tab is absent), three lines frame cancel "BERLIN Anhalt railway station" and red "registered", cover defective and peelabe hinge spots, photo expertize Brettl6a,10b 100,00Bid
348Vorschaubild1857, 1 Sgr. Reddish carmine from left side margin, perfect nummeral cancel "373" (Elberfeld), superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Grobe6b 80,00Bid
349Vorschaubild1857, 3 Sgr. Yellow orange, thin paper, with large right margin, row number "3", rectangle cancel with two lines "Pain tepid", minimal trace of crease, superb8ax 100,00Bid
350Vorschaubild1857, 3 Sgr. Yellow orange, thin paper, superb, Michel 100.-8ax 30,00Bid
351Vorschaubild1858, 1 Sgr. Rose, having huge margins with left margin of sheet and row number "13", three-line cancel "DUeSSELDORF / WARBURG", outstanding quality!10a 200,00Bid
352Vorschaubild1858, 1 Sgr. Carmine rose in the block of four with rectangle cancel with two lines "DUeSSELDORF", right vertical hardly visible trace of crease otherwise superb10b    150,00Bid
353Vorschaubild1858, 2 Sgr. Blue with plate flaw "I from two above left atilt", superb, expertized Buehler, Michel 400.-11aI 130,00Bid
354Vorschaubild1856, 3 Sgr. Orange as additional franking on large 3 Sgr. Orange postal stationery cover, accompanying letter for parcels from "Munich" to "COESTERNITZ" (on face arrival postmark), superb cover with denomination value and colour-matched franking, R! Photo expertize Flemming12a,U 13B 200,00Bid
355Vorschaubild1859, 3 Sgr. Yellow in a horizontal pair, two ring cancel "BERLIN", superb, Michel 120.-12b    40,00Bid
357Vorschaubild1861, 6 Pf. Orange, lower margin copy with no. "7", above scissors separation otherwise superb15a 25,00Bid
358Vorschaubild1861, 1 Sgr. Rose with plate flaw "inner oval line right under R from SILB. GR broken", in a horizontal pair with normal stamp, very fine (small defects)16III 30,00Bid
359Vorschaubild1867, 3 Pf. Red violet, Tu T cancel "OHRDRUF", superb, signed, Michel 350.-19b 110,00Bid
360Vorschaubild1866, 10 and 30 Sgr., small defects, very fine, Michel 220.-20/1 *40,00Bid
361Vorschaubild1866, 10 Sgr. Rose red, very fine, abridged certificate Wasels, Michel 150.-20 35,00Bid
362Vorschaubild1866, 30 Sgr. Dark greenish blue in a horizontal pair on piece with Saxon frame cancel with 3 lines, left stamp vertical kink, very fine, Michel 650.-21    75,00Bid

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