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Closing date: Monday, December 4th, 2023, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

LotPhotoOLD POSTCARDS MISCELLANEAcat. no.Estimate € 
5568VorschaubildArt Nouveau, 2 various cards one set in the Bauer publishing house Munich appeared: "country estate" and "late summer" no limitBid
5569VorschaubildKitsch and humor, 11 various cards no limitBid
5570VorschaubildArtist picture cards, 12 various no limitBid
5571VorschaubildArtist picture card, "where the Marschen beef be stretches" from Fritz Stoltenberg, Kiel no limitBid
5572VorschaubildArtist picture cards, 30 various picture postcards no limitBid
5573VorschaubildEaster, 5 various coloured cards of the Austrian cartoonists Schoenpflug 35,00Bid
5574VorschaubildEaster, 22 various Greeting cards, mostly between 1900-08, very nice mixture 80,00Bid
5575VorschaubildRICHARD PFEIFFER in the olive tree, set XIII, used, superb 45,00Bid
5576VorschaubildHorses and cows, 5 various cards no limitBid
5577VorschaubildHorses, 3 various unused embossed cards one set: "F. P. S. I. G. Number 125" no limitBid
5578VorschaubildHorses, 3 various picture postcards from 1898-1909, as well a card from "B. K. W. I. " - postcards publisher Brothers Kohn, Vienna no limitBid
5579VorschaubildDR. THOMPSONS -soap powder, Art Nouveau advertising card from 1900 no limitBid
5580VorschaubildAnimals, 3 various picture postcards (2 x horse and 1 x dog) no limitBid
5581VorschaubildINDRAROT; 3 various promotional picture postcards, reverse 3 various special cancel 20,00Bid
5582VorschaubildVienna types, "Burgmusik", picture postcard Academy of Arts Vienna, no limitBid
5583VorschaubildLot of 15 different old picture postcards, humorous, patriotic and artist picture cards 25,00Bid
5584Vorschaubild1910, "Armageddon 19. May", special card with rescue ladder to the moon, very fine no limitBid
LotPhotoAUTOGRAPHED DOCUMENTScat. no.Estimate € 
5585VorschaubildOtto Julius Bierbaum (1865-1910), German journalist, editor, writer and librettist. Known was he also under the pseudonyms "Martin Moebius" and "Simplicissimus", personally written letter with content, at Filip Kester 180,00Bid
5586Vorschaubild1936, Philipp Bouhler (1899-1945), NSDAP Empire leader, form card with would decline to the society the Berlin friends of the German academy, personally filled, superb 160,00Bid
5587Vorschaubild1980, Isa from Brandenstein-Zeppelin, granddaughter from Count Zeppelin, autograph on special airmail letter sheet the exhibition "AEROPHILA 80", superb no limitBid
5588VorschaubildFelix DAHN, small blanco card with dedication and signatur of the Author 55,00Bid
5589VorschaubildErnst Corner stone (1845 - 1900) German writer, 2 personally signed covers from Dresden 130,00Bid
5590VorschaubildHeyman Henrik hertz (1798-1870), Danish writer, book "King Renes daughter", 1851 in Leipzig adjourned, cover defectsno limitBid
5591VorschaubildAdolf Huehnlein (1881-1942), German officer as well corps leader of the national socialistic motor corps, personally written postcard to the friend Oppermann in Hanover 45,00Bid
5592VorschaubildHermann Kantorowicz, pseudonymous: Gnaeus Flavius (1877 1940), German legal scholar, personally written postcard to Berlin 65,00Bid
5593VorschaubildAlbert von Keller (1844-1920), Swiss artist, autograph in personally addressed envelope no limitBid
5594VorschaubildMoedebeck, Hermann W. L. (1857-1910), German aviation universal genius, author and founder several technical periodicals, autograph Presentation his newest propaganda for his "illustrated aeronautical messages, arranged at his ohm, postcard from 25.8.1903 from Graudenz, superb 75,00Bid
5595VorschaubildWolff, Leonhard (1848-1934), musicologist, music director, Composer, conductor, personally written letter from 1888, to the directorate of the Frankfurt Liederkranz35,00Bid
5596Vorschaubild1930, Andre Gide (1869-1951), French writer, 1947 Nobel Prize for literature, autograph letter with signatur at "Cherami Prinzhorn. ", superb 330,00Bid
5597Vorschaubild1980, autograph from Isa from Brandenstein-Zeppelin (granddaughter from Count Zeppelin) on special airmail letter sheet the exhibition "AEROPHILA 80", superb no limitBid

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