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Closing date: Monday, March 25th, 2024, 1600 h MEZ (10 a.m. US EAST)

482Vorschaubild"4 rings large dot" (railway station HUSUM) on 4 S. "dotted", stamp left at the bottom slightly cut into otherwise superb cover, photo expertize C. A. M├ŞllerDK 4 90,00Bid
483Vorschaubild"5 rings small dot" perfect on 4 S. "dotted", superb, photo expertize C. A. M├ŞllerDK 4 200,00Bid
LotPhotoSCHLESWIG-HOLSTEINcat. no.Estimate € 
484Vorschaubild1864, 4 S. Carmine red, nummeral cancel "31" (HUSUM), superb, expertized Buehler, Michel 600.-190,00Bid
485Vorschaubild1864, 4 S. Carmine red with town cancel, insignificant wrinkles otherwise superb, signed, Michel 1000.- R!180,00Bid
486Vorschaubild1864, 1 ┬╝ S. Gray ultramarine "wide wavy ground", nummeral cancel "170", slight horizontal paper curl otherwise superb with wide margins, photo expertize W. Engel, Michel 3500.-5II 900,00Bid
487Vorschaubild1864, 1 ┬╝ S. Gray ultramarine with centered town cancel "GETTORF", slight trace of crease otherwise superb50,00Bid
488Vorschaubild1865, ┬Ż S. Rose lilac in a horizontal pair, two ring cancel "NORBURG", right stamp at the bottom scissors separation otherwise superb, abridged certificate C. A. M├Şller, Michel 160.-8    40,00Bid
489Vorschaubild1865, 1 1/3 S. Violet brown, superb, signed, Michel 150.-10 40,00Bid
490Vorschaubild1865, 1 1/3 S. Rose in a horizontal pair, centered three lines frame cancel "NEUSTADT IN HOLSTEIN", small defects in the roulette otherwise superb, Michel 200.-15    45,00Bid
491Vorschaubild1865, 4 S. Brown-ochre, single circle postmark "FLENSBURG", superb, Michel 100.-17 30,00Bid
492Vorschaubild1867, 1 ┬╝ S. Grey, centered single circle postmark "PINNEBERG", superb, expertized W. Engel18c 20,00Bid
493Vorschaubild1867, 1 ┬╝ S. Grey on "outgoing invoice from "ALTONA" to Bredstedt, superb, abridged certificate C. A. M├Şller18c 50,00Bid
494Vorschaubild1865, 1 1/3 S. Bright red carmine as a single franking on cover from "POLIZEY office to ALTONA" (on the back varnish seal) to Korsoer, additional cancellation rectangle cancel with two lines "insufficiently franked" as well "5" in raddle postage due, on the back railway cancel (TPO) "Hamburg - Luebeck", stamp at the bottom partly scissors separation otherwise decorative superb cover, R!23 150,00Bid
495Vorschaubild"castle", two ring cancel on 1 ┬╝ S. Dark yellowish green, olive green and rose lilac, 3 superb items4,9,14  30,00Bid
496Vorschaubild"CHRISTIANSFELD", single circle postmark on 1 ┬╝ S. Dark yellowish green and olive green, very fine / superb4   ,9 25,00Bid
497Vorschaubild"EKENSUND", single circle postmark on 1 ┬╝ S. Red lilac, superb14 70,00Bid
498Vorschaubild"FRIEDRICHSTADT", single circle postmark and two ring cancel on 1 ┬╝ S. Dark yellowish green, 2 letter pieces very fine / superb20,00Bid
499Vorschaubild"GETTORF", two ring cancel on piece with 1 ┬╝ S. Red lilac, very fine14 20,00Bid
500Vorschaubild"GETTORF", two ring cancel centered on 1 ┬╝ S. Red lilac, superb piece of letter14 30,00Bid
501Vorschaubild"HOLST. EB. P. SP. B ZUG" on 1 ┬╝ S. Green, superb piece of letter20,00Bid
502Vorschaubild"KIEL / NEUMUeNSTER", three-line cancel on 1 ┬╝ S. Bright reddish lilac, superb18a 40,00Bid
503Vorschaubild"L├╝gum monastery", two ring cancel on 2 S. Gray ultramarine, very fine16 30,00Bid
504Vorschaubild"NEUKIRCHEN", single circle postmark centered on 1 ┬╝ S. Red lilac, small defects, very fine14 40,00Bid
505Vorschaubild"NEUSTADT / NEUMUeNSTER", three-line cancel on 4 S. Brown-ochre, very fine (thin from hinge place)17 25,00Bid
506Vorschaubild"OLDESLOE", two ring cancel centered on 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue / white rose, superb piece of letter20,00Bid
507Vorschaubild"PLOeN", single circle postmark on 1 ┬╝ S. Dark yellowish green, brown purple and brownish lilac, 3 superb items4,20,22 40,00Bid
508Vorschaubild"REINFELD", two ring cancel on 2 S. Ultramarine, small defects, very fine, expertized Jakubek21 20,00Bid
509Vorschaubild"REINBECK", single circle postmark on 1 ┬╝ S. Olive green, very fine25,00Bid
510Vorschaubild"SATRUP", single circle postmark on 1 ┬╝ S. Rose lilac, stamp defects14 20,00Bid
511Vorschaubild"SCHLESW. Post. SPED. BUR" (northern), rectangle cancel with two lines on 2 S. Gray ultramarine on superb piece16 40,00Bid
512Vorschaubild"SCHLESW. Post. SPED. BUR" (southern), rectangle cancel with two lines on 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue / white rose on piece, very fine20,00Bid
513Vorschaubild"STERUP", single circle postmark centered on 1 ┬╝ S. Olive green, superb40,00Bid
514Vorschaubild"TATING", single circle postmark on 1 ┬╝ S. Red lilac, superb14 75,00Bid
515Vorschaubild"TOeNNING / OHRSTEDT", three-line cancel on 1 ┬╝ S. Grey, superb18c 40,00Bid
516Vorschaubild5 values with different "POSTAL SERVICE-SPED. BUR" postmarks, among others "TOeNNING OHRSTEDT" and "FLENSBURG-WANDERUP", mostly superb4,9,16   70,00Bid
517Vorschaubild"115" (EUTIN) centered on 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue / white rose, above touched otherwise superb piece of letter25,00Bid
518Vorschaubild"130" (PLOeN) on 1 ┬╝ S. Dark yellowish green and 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue, 2 values very fine4,7 35,00Bid
519Vorschaubild"138" (BORNHOeVED) on 1 ┬╝ S. Gray ultramarine and medium blue / white rose, 2 values defective6,7 45,00Bid
520Vorschaubild"144" (REINBECK) on vertical pair 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue / white rose, superb, photo expertize C. A. M.7    180,00Bid
521Vorschaubild"149" (MOeLLN) on 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue / white rose, superb50,00Bid
522Vorschaubild"156" (HANERAU) on 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue / white rose, stamp with defects70,00Bid
523Vorschaubild"172" (MARNE) on 1 ┬╝ S. Medium blue / white rose, superb piece of letter with additional cancellation70,00Bid
524Vorschaubild"173" (TRITTAU) centered on 1 ┬╝ S. Gray ultramarine, superb30,00Bid
LotPhotoS. H. ARMY POSTAL SERVICEcat. no.Estimate € 
525VorschaubildApproximate. 1851, "SCHLESWIG. HOLST: army postal service", oval cancel with date on "K. D. S. " envelope to Itzehoe, on the back official seal "SCHLESWIG HOLSTEIN DEPARTEMENT of the War", superb 50,00Bid
526Vorschaubild1850, "SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN army postal service", single circle postmark on cover to L├╝tjenburg, reverse broken varnish seal "upper Quartermaster the Schleswig Holst. Army", superb 130,00Bid
527Vorschaubild1809, postal form from field post office Itzehoe (handwritten) over a cover from heather, superb 40,00Bid
528Vorschaubild1814, D. S. With interesting content to Uetersen the "provisionally / administration commission / of the Duchy / Holstein in Kiel", varnish seal, superb 70,00Bid
529Vorschaubild1815, K. D. S. From Kiel to Uetersen, complete varnish seal "royally: / to the Besitzn: the / to raeumenden: Duchy: and so on. / arranged / commission", superb 45,00Bid
530VorschaubildTwo ring cancel "railway station KIELER Z1", offical matter from "Commandant SKARET" (complete varnish seal) to the Schlesw. Holst. WAR DEPARTMENT in Rendsburg, superb 40,00Bid
531Vorschaubild1849, package accompanying letter cover from "KIEL" (single circle cancel ┬Ż) to Uetersen, handwritten "D. S. M upper margin. ", on the back varnish seal the "Schlesw. Holst. Catering = commission", superb 50,00Bid
532Vorschaubild1851, two ring cancel "railway station KIELER Z1" and "M. D. S. " of the Chief Quartermaster of the Holstein troops (complete lacquer seal), superb cover to Oldenburg 70,00Bid
533Vorschaubild"FRANKFURT on M. ", 3 various postal forms (1863-65), superb 25,00Bid
534Vorschaubild1846, three circle cancel "Hamburg Th&T" on cover with content from Stockholm, with courier to Hamburg and thence in the Champagne, various transit postmark and rate markings 80,00Bid
535Vorschaubild1843, semicircle cancel "Luebeck F. TH. And TAX. P. A. ", red rate marking "34" and blue rate marking "32", red arrival postmark from Basle, superb cover with complete content and 4 swatchs! 100,00Bid
536Vorschaubild"SPANGENBERG", one-line cancel on cover (1849) with content from "HALBERSTADT" to Hanover, superb 25,00Bid
LotPhotoTHURN AND TAXIScat. no.Estimate € 
537Vorschaubild1854, 1 ┬╝ Sgr. Black on dark orange, on all sides wide having huge margins, superb in every respect (choice copy), expertized Pfenniger30,00Bid
538Vorschaubild1852, 1 Sgr. Black on blue, enormous margins on all sides, superb in every respect (choice copy)30,00Bid
539Vorschaubild1852, 3 Kr. Dark blue, on all sides full margins on small letter piece ┬┤, rare blue nummeral cancel "306" (Sigmaringen), superb, expertized Sem70,00Bid
540Vorschaubild1858, 1 Sgr. Black on light grey turquoise, centered nummeral cancel "85", full margins, superb, expertized Pfenniger11a 20,00Bid
541Vorschaubild1853, 1 Sgr. Greenish-blue on piece with town cancel "GOTHA", slightly touched at bottom, otherwise full- having huge margins superb item, R!11b 100,00Bid
542Vorschaubild1861, ┬╝ Gr. Reddish orange, with large upper margin (9 mm), nummeral cancel "236" (Kaltennordheim), having bright colours having full margins extremely fine copy, signed Thier13 120,00Bid
543Vorschaubild1859, ┬╝ Sgr. Reddish orange (except for one corner full margins) with upper right corner of the sheet 1 Sgr. Blue (touched) on piece with nummeral cancel "231", superb13,15 35,00Bid
544Vorschaubild1859, 5 Sgr. Brown purple, two-sided cut into, above and at the bottom with parts of the neighbour, very fine, expertized Helbig and Haferkamp, Michel 300.-18 50,00Bid
545Vorschaubild1859, 10 Gr. Orange in a horizontal pair, nummeral cancel "300", left stamp on all sides having enormous margins superb item with parts of the neighbour, the right stamp right a little cut into, left stamp signed Pfenniger, Michel 2000.-19    400,00Bid
546Vorschaubild1861, 6 Kr. Dark rose red, two-sided slightly touched superb item on cover from Mainz to Carlsruhe22IA 35,00Bid
547Vorschaubild1864, ┬╝ Sgr. Black in the vertical pair, nummeral cancel "244" (STADTLENGSFELD), except for lower right corner good to large margins all round, superb, expertized Sem, Michel (180.-)26    55,00Bid
548Vorschaubild1862 / 4, ┬╝ Sgr. Black and ┬Ż Sgr. Orange, stamps cut as usual with clear single circle postmark "Eisenach" on decorative letter piece26,28 50,00Bid
549Vorschaubild1862, ┬Ż Sgr. Orange, full margins, superb piece of letter, expertized Pfenniger28 20,00Bid
550Vorschaubild1863, 1 Sgr. Carmine red, nummeral cancel "298" and additional cancellation "SCHLEIZ", good to large margins all round, superb in every respect piece of letter, expertized Helbig29 30,00Bid
551Vorschaubild1865, mixed franking: 1 Kr. Yellowish green in a horizontal pair with 6 Kr. Blue (cut as usual) on not complete envelope from "WIESBADEN" to Darmstadt33IB,41    80,00Bid

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